Glæra háglans Dupli-Color Zapon

Vörunúmer 848 467264

2.490 kr.

DUPLI-COLOR ZAPON SPRAY a high-quality cristal-clear acrylic lacquer. Excellently suitable as varnish coating for spray paints on acrylic or nitro-combi basis, such as DUPLI-COLOR METALLIC LOOK, NEON SPRAY or other spray paints.

Protects and fixes grasses, straw and dry flower arrangements, basket and bast work, salt dough handicrafts, charcoal drawings, paper, carton and all kinds of unprocessed wood. Fixes and impregnates photographs, protects all metals from oxidation: e.g. silver, copper, iron, metal sheet, brass, chrome, nickel, aluminium, tin.


Vörumerki: Dupli-Color

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